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Best place for exchange your cryptocurrency assets

Our exchanger "with a human face" - recognized as one of the best (2nd place) exchangers in 2022 by the level of service in the U.S., and this year we plan to win first place in this category. Of course, in addition to the service we give high speed of transactions and user-friendly interface, as well as offer the best possible exchange rates.

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Smart Money

The use of cryptocurrencies allows you to expand your options compared to the prospect of using only fiat funds. It is more convenient and practical.

How to buy crypto?

Digital Money

Keeping money in cryptocurrencies allows you to multiply your funds. Especially if you periodically change cryptocurrencies for more promising and developing or (at least) stable ones.

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Book Currency

The best way to multiply your own funds is to constantly professionally track the rates of cryptocurrencies and use the difference in rates on various exchanges for instant enrichment.

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Easy to collect and convert funds to your wallet

For the majority of our clients, our service is just a profitable cryptocurrency exchanger. But some of our clients provide themselves with additional income by playing on the rates of various cryptocurrency exchanges. The best result so far is +27% of the amount per one round of exchanges. Remember that the service works with amounts equivalent to $290 or more. Transfers of smaller amounts will be ignored by the robot.

You must firmly grasp the following:

  • Never invest borrowed money.
  • Never invest the last of your money.
  • Any investment is a risk.
  • Any gambling on exchange rates is a risk.
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Basic information about the security of our service

Safe & Secure


Encrypted data transfer

On our site, data is transmitted over a secure HTTPS protocol. We have banned the site without using an SSL certificate. This allows you to keep the data you enter on the site safe.

Hashing of confirmed information

We hash all transaction information, and only store confirmed information in hashed form. We also store all information on the server in encrypted form only.

24-hour online support

For clarification of any information or for help with a transaction there is always online chat support. Write to us if you have any doubts or any details are unclear.

Reviews and positions in rating tables

Our reputation and reviews are our pride. We take great care to ensure that our level of service is one of the best, and it is this information, not any marketing gimmicks, that has contributed to an increase in the number of customers and overall financial prosperity.

What customers say about our service


Zahid Hussain

Zahid Hussain


Client Rating

The exchanger works like a well-oiled machine. You can make an exchange in the early morning, late evening, at night, during the day... and there is always a friendly support specialist at your disposal. It's nice that support answers to users' questions, and does not send prepared scripts that do not correspond to the essence of the question, as often happens in other services.

Fawad Masood

Fawad Masood

Research Associate

Client Rating

One day after sending money to this exchanger I found a better rate on another site. The transaction had not been completed yet (I sent the money, but have not yet had time to receive it). I wrote to support and asked to cancel my transaction, describing the situation. They refused to cancel the transaction and performed the transfer at the service's rate. It was a small amount, in fact they did everything clearly from their side, but I want to write a review to warn everyone else - if you ask to cancel your transaction and return the money - most likely you will be refused as they refused me.

Anastassia Aleman

Anastassia Aleman

Business lady

Client Rating

I'm glad I found this service and have been using it for a long time. I like everything, everything suits me. It is very convenient that everything is intuitive and the specialists in the online chat are ready to give hints, advice and answers about everything. For me as a user who works more in offline than online it is very important. I give high marks to this service.

Wojtek Palczynski

Wojtek Palczynski

No data

Client Rating

Professionally engaged in the development of web 2.0 web 3.0 projects. I know something about the web, about security, about cryptocurrency exchanges. I like this exchanger because it meets all my requirements and gives good exchange rates. I am satisfied and ready to recommend this exchanger to everyone.

Sammy Lynne

Sammy Lynne

Marketing Specialist

Client Rating

Good exchanger, suits me completely.

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